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Visit Italy with us!



Enjoy learning Tuscan culture, immersed in the Renaissance city of Florence.

Luxurious accommodations, surrounded by enchanting architecture and opulent gardens.

We will cook and savor mouthwatering food and wines as we learn about the fascinating history of the Florentine people.


We want to bring you into our world, to learn, discover, and enjoy the culture and traditions that make Italy so special, we keep the groups small (6-12 max) making for a more personalized and tailored experience.​


We love wine, and enjoy sharing our knowledge.  Whether you are an expert or novice we have fun learning about new wines, talking with wine makers, and simply enjoying regional Italian wines.

Si Mangia!

We cook together, laugh, learn about the regional wines, share opinions, and savor the local specialties. You will feel a part of the local lifestyle.   

Master Artisans

Have you ever wondered how a beautiful pair of bespoke shoes, a marble inlaid table, or a gold filigrane bracelet are made?  We'll visit the workshops and meet these master artisans.


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